“Samantha was incredible. She was nurturing and held space beautifully. I had a huge release and felt very safe and supported in her presence.” - Marci, New York

“Receiving bodywork from Sam felt like a beautiful practice in being empowered, safe and vulnerable with another human; I found it very moving. I felt well held in Sam’s empathic and embodied presence, and safe to explore and express myself. The exercises we did around consent and asking for what I wanted were really helpful – it was eye-opening to see how easily I can slip into ‘tolerating’ in all aspects of life. Sam’s skills in mindfulness, massage and understanding of trauma and pleasure come together wonderfully in this work and my body felt quite different afterwards.” - S, Melbourne

“Samantha's presence and gentle reminders of consent put my body at ease. Very sacred and safe space to explore touch, thank you.” - Helen, Bali

“I would love to work with Samantha again, and if she is within a 3 hour drive, I'd do it! SO much gratitude for this beautiful, open, loving woman practitioner. I felt so emotionally safe. She has such a loving and nurturing energy. I am SO grateful.” - Wendy, New York

“I felt very safe in a vulnerable setting. Sam is kind, slow, gentle, allowing, non judgemental, with no expectations and encouraging me to really do what I needed to do. I look forward to having another session and going deeper with this practise.” - Sian, Melbourne


I’ve had the opportunity of attending both a breath work ceremony and a women’s new moon circle guided by Samantha and both of these gatherings have been deeply powerful and transformative. Samantha creates a beautiful environment where you always feel welcomed and supported to share whatever it is that comes up for you, which in my experience have been insights that are enlightening, healing, and an inspiration for growth. It is clear that she is not just a talking head, but someone who is dedicated to walking the path of spiritual and personal development and it shows in the way she is able to help others heal and connect with one other and themselves. I would highly recommend any services that she offers knowing that you are in trustworthy, capable hands with only the purest intentions to help guide you in whatever way you need.” - Nicole, New York

“It has been an honor to have loving support and presence from Samantha. What a gift to witness her passionate dedication to helping others heal from within. Her nurturing kindness and intuition shines through her work. An incredible Being ~ gracefully guiding yoga classes, leading women's circles/ceremonies, and holding space for private bodywork sessions. She leads from the heart, creating a safe and inspiring space for exploration. So much gratitude for this one!” - Dawn, New York