Online mentoring & embodied counselling


‘ Awakened

From within a dream,

I fall into my own arms.

What took you

so long?’


I am offering online support for those wanting to come home to their body - as a place of safe refuge, keeper of deep wisdom, source of great strength and creative force. Supporting you to release tension and trauma, to awaken pleasure, rest back into your own love, and allow the expression of your wildest truth. To feel the potential that lies within. To embody every cell, leave no stone unturned, restore health and vitality, confidence and ease.

These sessions include a mix of modalities, born of my experience as a social work counsellor, Self:Cervix bodywork practitioner, dedicated Buddhist meditation practitioner, and my ever-deepening intimacy with all of life. 


60min session $75

90min session $100

Please speak to me if this price is a barrier for you.



Finding refuge and wholeness within

Releasing tension, trauma, habitual anxiety

Re-patterning the nervous system

Awakening pleasure

Opening to/cultivating intimacy with self and others



Exploring consent

Establishing boundaries

Expressing desires

Increasing self-worth

Cultivating a healthy relationship to giving and receiving