I offer a co-creative, empowerment-based modality of bodywork, called Self:Cervix (more below).

Who is this work for?

Women who:

  • Feel shame around their natural expression of self, of sexuality, or pleasure

  • Have a difficult/complicated relationship to their physical body and/or voice

  • Get easily triggered or shutdown when making love and don’t understand why, or can’t find a way through

  • Have experienced abuse - physical, emotional, psychological

  • Want to reclaim their innate sense of power and worth

  • Want to push to the edges of their comfort zone in order to find a truer, freer sense of self

  • Are ready to release ancient tension they’ve been carrying in their pelvis, or other parts of the body

  • Want to explore their pleasure/orgasmic potential in a safe, nurturing and completely consensual environment

  • Want to strengthen boundaries when it comes to touch (which reverberates to all areas of life)

  • Find it difficult to ask for what they want

  • Just want a deeply relaxing massage from another woman!


Self:Cervix is: Empowering women to feel safe within their own bodies. Gently releasing pain/trauma and embodying a genuine love & confidence in each and every crevice - including the sacred & pleasure-filled organ of the cervix. Women owning their desires, claiming the extent of their worth, as they receive support to be the source of their own healing and pleasure.

Self:Cervix is ultimately about empowering women to know and feel the power and pleasure of their cervix. That may sound weirdly particular, but the cervix is a potent place. It is the gateway to the womb, it's a part of us that miraculously opens wide to birth new life, a place of potentially great pleasure and of altered states of consciousness. It is also a place that, for any woman who has experienced trauma (which is literally all of us, to varying degree), can store tension, hold onto old methods of protection, memories of abuse, of invasive medical procedures, of being entered before the body is ready. We can store so much emotion & tension in our pelvis. All genders. And in my experience, as I release the tension I’ve been holding there so generously for 20+ years, I feel more grounded and clear. Strong and sure of self. More confident to express myself freely, and to be genuinely available to this world. Bodywork is amazing! And what’s even more empowering, is that this process of becoming intimate with one’s own cervix - including the pelvis and ultimately our whole body- is at once a challenging and liberating exploration of trust, of our greatest fears, judgements, stigma, consent, and boundaries. This is such important work. This is the foundation upon which we create a safe world.

When I feel safe, I flourish. 
And I want people to feel safe in their own bodies. 
I want people to be able to assertively say ‘stop’ when someone touches them higher up the leg than they feel comfortable with. 
I want to get to the roots of what causes abuse, addiction, disconnection, low self-worth, depression. 
I want us all to feel the extent of pleasure that is available to us- unashamedly. There is nothing wrong with pleasure! It has an incredibly positive effect on the nervous system. And I would argue that it’s a vital part of harmonious community.

So, I am almost at completion of this training and certification, and have absolutely loved the work so far. I feel a deep unwavering trust in my ability to authentically, powerfully and carefully co-create an opportunity for women to know themselves more fully, to feel safe enough to unfold, let go, release, feel and express pleasure, and to claim what is rightfully theirs.

I am approaching this work with a background in social work, a committed meditation practice and love affair with Buddhism and other contemplative traditions, and experience with Thai yoga massage/ZenThai Shiatsu.

If you’re curious to know more, contact me here.

The trauma associated with the dissonance between the innate and rightful pleasure our bodies are capable of, and a culture which tells us it’s sinful and abhorrent to feel sexual pleasure is, in and of itself, a deeply felt, rarely tended to trauma.
— Christiane Pelmas, Trauma - A Practical Guide to Working with Body & Soul

Benefits of this Bodywork

  • Discover what it means to be an empowered receiver, and KNOW and ask for what you want.

  • Experience a powerful framework where your choices guide the session experience

  • Having someone else work on your body is hugely beneficial because you can often go deeper through the assistance of someone else

  • Be witnessed in whatever shows up and leave feeling loved, accepted and held

  • Learn skills that you can apply in your relationship

  • Learn how to feel more pleasure

  • Experience de-armouring – a powerful way to release trauma & clear blocks to pleasure

  • Learn how to express boundaries and limits

  • Develop more connection and awareness of your cervix

so that one day
a hundred years from now
another sister will not have to
dry her tears wondering
where in history
she lost her voice.
— Jasmin Kaur