Samantha is a bodywork practitioner, community mental health worker, yogi, lover, daughter, sister. Her mission is to unwind and release that which gets in the way of our most authentic expression and deepest desires for ourselves and for the world. Having trained in a co-creative and empowerment-based modality of women’s bodywork (Self:Cervix), Samantha offers a safe and nurturing experience for women to release tension and trauma, embody their worth, and feel safe to feel and express pleasure. She supports women to self-empower and own their desires, challenging insidious beliefs of low self-worth.

Inspired by ancient ways of meeting life, she has trained with Yogis and Buddhist teachers in Australia, Indonesia, France and India over the past 5 years, and more recently with indigenous wisdom keepers of Peru. It is through body and earth-based practices and wisdom that she seeks to uncover a wild and natural intelligence in herself and others. 

Samantha is passionate about facilitating the unravelling of habitual tension and outdated protection mechanisms - in service of freedom and wildly authentic expression, the reclamation of our natural access to ease, pleasure and creativity, and clearing space to see life with clarity.

She offers her disarming genuineness, deep insight and heartfelt presence as medicine for the body and soul.

Why bodywork?

The body is the keeper of our deepest wisdom, creative nature, trauma, desire, inspiration… everything we’ve experienced in this life and ancestrally, lies within.

Having supported clients mostly through counselling, community outreach and crisis intervention (until diving into bodywork), I have realised a glaring necessity to discover and tend to the roots of what causes abuse, addiction, low self-worth, ’depression’ and disconnection - from self, from others, from nature, from spirit. These roots can be worked with at a nervous system level, through touch, coaching, bodily awareness, vocal expression, and consent & empowerment practices. 

I want to support the healing of trauma and rigidness in the tissues of our body, that hold us back from being who we truly are, hold us back from our genuine availability to this world - which is in such deep need of our lively and compassionate attention.

Education that has shaped me:

  • Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), and the years of work that followed - in family violence, community projects, mental health

  • 200hr ‘Embodied Flow’ yoga teacher training

  • Self:Cervix Practitioner Training  (women’s bodywork)

  • Thai Yoga Massage & ZenThai Shiatsu

  • ‘The Power of Awareness’ with Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach

  • Dedicated student of Buddhist Insight teacher Jessica Huon

  • All of life’s chaos and challenge, beauty and mystery.