If we can heal and honour and celebrate the core of a woman’s body, well, I think we can heal and honour and celebrate all of life.
— Samantha Merory

Empowerment-based bodywork

We work together — here’s why.

Our nervous system is so fine-tuned that we can feel when someone who puts their hands on us has an agenda.


Co-creative bodywork provides an intimate opportunity to get to know our relationship to giving and receiving, to understand what we have let happen to us against our wishes, and the ways in which we have overstepped our own boundaries. It’s a chance to receive exactly what we want, and practice saying ‘no’ (and ‘yes!’).

To unashamedly own our actions and express our desires. The ability to do this is directly related to our sense of worthiness, and the armour we protect ourselves with.


The process of de-armouring is essentially offering someone’s body back to them, to reorganise and transform.


This is important because the way we touch, and have been touched, has a lasting effect on the tissues of the body - and with compassionate attention, can be released and re-written.

These sessions are in essence an act of deep care, from one woman to another. Supporting her sensual unfolding, her ability to ask for what she wants, her claiming of her worth, her trauma release, her pleasure. And as one woman embodies her natural expression and worth, it reverberates into the space around her. It is an act of generosity, a gift to the world.


What a session might involve:

  • De-armouring (tension and trauma release)

  • Consent and boundary practice

  • Re-wiring the nervous system to allow states of relaxation and pleasure

  • Claiming of one’s pleasure, worth & wild sensuality

  • Information about pelvic health

  • Activating the vagus nerve

  • Therapeutic touch - sensual massage, pressure points, Thai Yoga massage

  • Learning to be an empowered receiver - getting good at asking for what you want! (And clearing what’s in the way)

  • Releasing shame around sexuality and natural expression

We know we are safe if we can make a clear decision about what we want, at any given moment.


We learn to co-regulate with our care giver, then we learn to self-regulate. As we work with the nervous system, embodying feelings of safety, relaxation and pleasure, we are supporting the self-regulation process - re-wiring habitual stress responses, to create a natural state in which oxytocin is released, blocking the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) and lowering adrenalin.

Self- and co-regulation of the nervous system is totally reliant on feeling safe. Which is why it is so strongly emphasised in this bodywork. Safety really is the foundation. From this strong and trustworthy ground, we can begin to explore, unwind, release, and welcome pleasure - consensually.




Women supporting women in such an intimate way feels incredibly natural, safe and empowering. We were made for this.


I’m ready

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